Top Spa Accessories & Products

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 06/26/2013 - 3:27 PM

Ahhh…Spa Week. We feel at ease just thinking about it. Indulging in great deals that make you feel relaxed and revitalized are definitely soothing steals we like to take part in, but just so you know, every week can be Spa Week in the privacy of your own home – if you have the right products in your possession. Below is a roundup of some essential accessories and items that can bring on the bliss to your bath and body.

First off, you need to set the stage for feeling calm, cool, and collected, and Stress Less by Aromafloria’s Ocean Mineral Bath Salts can help you soak in that state of mind with its blend of lavender, chamomile, and sage. Next, you need to give your neck some well-deserved nourishment by placing sibling sensation Spa Sister Luxury Bath Pillow behind it. The cloud-like comfort will lift your spirits and reduce any strain your nape usually has to endure.

Now, when it comes to cleansing, you want to make the process as quick and easy as possible, so start with Exfoliating Bathing Gloves. These marvelous mitts slough off dead skin cells and cleanse the dermis in a cinch. For the backside, don’t bother with elaborate stretching and straining. Instead, grab a hold of a Beachwood Spa Bath Brush and let it do all the beautifying work for you.

And of course, what spa experience would be complete without Terry Spa Flip Flops surrounding your feet in comforting fluff and a Microfiber Hair Turban to shield your strands in softness. These are the ideal accessories to slip on with your favorite cozy pajamas, as you enjoy a cup of tea and the serene scents of mild lavender found in Tranquility Aromatherapy Candles.

Beauty Obsessed—Beauty Blogger Approved Products (All Under $15)

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Ever wonder what beauty bloggers are completely and utterly obsessed with from our site? If yes, then today is your lucky day, because we chatted it up with two awesome beauty bloggers we met via Twitter (be sure to follow us...and them)! Now, let's get to it, here's what these two beauty bloggers are obsessed with...

Cindy, @LadyBoarder9669 of says she loves Joico daily care conditioning shampoo. "I love Joico Daily care conditioning shampoo because it really cleans my hair without stripping it of it natural oils. I have really dry hair and I feel like this shampoo does a fabulous job of leaving it moisturized while giving me a good clean!"
Get the beauty obsessed Joico daily care conditioning shampoo for under $15 on our site here.

What else can't Cindy get enough of? Cool Water lotion! She says, "I love The Davidoff Cool Water lotion because this was one of my first lotion/colognes I ever bought and I've always loved the scent. I love how creamy and moisturizing this lotion is and the scent really seems to last all day!"
Get the beauty obsessed
Davidoff Cool Water lotion for under $5 on our site here.

Now, onto Miss Deena, @MissDeenaDiva of, was quite impressed with the beauty products and brands listed on our site. Not only does she have a bunch of products she definitely approves of but she has a ton of products she is really looking forward to...but we'll get to that a bit later. First, the #1 beauty approved product from Deena?

Burberry Britt mini. She says, "I definitely approve of the Burberry Brit mini (under $10). I used to use it years ago and loved it!".
Get the beauty obsessed
Burberry Brit mini for under $10 on our site here.

Now moving forward to products she can't wait to get her hands on...and why.

Caswell Massey Dr. Hunter's Lip Salve - I love to keep my lips moisturized and protected from external exposure. I also apply lip salve as a base for my lipstick and lip products. I have not heard of or tried this particular brand so I would love to see how it works on my lips!
Get the beauty obsessed
Caswell Massey Dr. Hunter's Lip Salve for under $5 on our site here.

Paula Dorf lip slides Lip gloss in blaze - This gloss simply looked gorgeous and I have never heard of the Paula Dorf makeup brand. I am lippie junkie so I'm always curious and love to try different types of lip products.
Get the beauty obsessed
Paula Dorf lip slides Lip gloss in blaze for under $10 on our site here.

Stila Eye Concealer in Deep or Dark - ($10.50) - I currently have two favorite concealers, but it never hurts to try more. I am familiar with Stila products but have never tried any of their foundations or concealers because of the poor selection of shade ranges and choices. I saw that this particular jar had deep and dark so I would definitely like to see how that works on me.
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Stila Eye Concealer in Deep or Dark for under $15 on our site here.

Orlane Rouge Extraordinaire Lipstick - No. 23. - I chose this one simply because deep, rich, plum, and vampy colors are in this fall and would love to add this to my collection. I've never heard of the Orlane brand and wouldn't mind trying it out.
Get the beauty obsessed
Orlane Rouge Extraordinaire Lipstick - No. 23 for under $10 on our site here.

Be sure to check out Cindy, @LadyBoarder9669 of and Miss Deena, @MissDeenaDiva of and be sure to let them know which products you are obsessed with from our site too! 

5 Products that work better than Botox

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Tired of those creases on your face, those signs of your skin aging...wrinkles?! And we bet you have thought about Botox too, but before you go and get shot up in your face with it, try these creams and serums, we personally think it beats Botox any day!

Diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be easy, when you use NICKEL Silicon Valley Wrinkle Equalizer. This cream-gel softens your skin using a silica-rich formula and immediately firms and tightens skin with it's patented vitamin complex. Immediately see a smoother appearance on your face with the cream-gel's light reflective actions.

DECLEOR Aroma Night Beauty cream comes in a rich texture that is designed to increase the penetration of the efficient ingredients in it, ingredients like corn, saiko, serine, and black orchard extracts. These ingredients plus evening primrose, plum kernel, and petitgrain essential oils promises to smooth wrinkles, sooth irritation, and prevent any moisture loss in the process.

Are you a perfectionist? Perfect! This Perfectionist Targeted Deep Wrinkle filler by Estee Lauder is the ‘perfect’ thing for you! This treatment will reduce smile lines, forehead creases, the lines between your brows, and even work magic around your eyes and lips. This product amplifies the skin’s natural production of collagen, now how perfect is that?

It gets better though! If you use the Deep Wrinkle Filler with Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting serum, you will see a noticeably younger looking skin in no time at all! This serum will dramatically reduce appearance of deep lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Leave your skin brighter, fresher, and smoother with this serum!

Want a remedy that does twice the work for not only your wrinkles, but those stretch marks too! Klein Becker’s Strivectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles is a MUST HAVE item for any woman. This amazing product accelerates the process of your skin layers rebuilding…the result? See for yourself! Look into the mirror at a healthy-looking, younger looking skin! Skin that will get better and better with each and every use! Lather up!