Nail Trend: Half Moon Mani

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 06/07/2012 - 8:47 PM

This nail trend, I just had to try, and yesterday, I finally made it out to find reinforcements, the most important factor for this nail look. I am in love with the fact that something I used to use in my 4th grade 1” binder for class is an essential “tool” in my nail beauty regimen…well at least for this trend look.

This may be the easiest look you will ever paint and it looks pretty awesome too! Do it yourself (DIY) and see how easy it really is!

First, what you’ll need

- -Reinforcements (5-10)

- -Nail polish (any color your heart desires + top coat)

To begin, I am all about being efficient, so rather than using 10 reinforcements for my 10 fingers, I decided to cut the circular stickers in half. I then placed the sticker on the bottom of my nail, leaving a small space for natural nail color to show thru. ((If you’d like to apply a color as a base, go ahead and have fun with it. For this look, I wanted a more natural feel, so I didn’t paint a different color as the base coat.)) After you have applied the reinforcements to the bottom or your nails, paint your nails like you would normally. I used an indigo blue, try Christian Dior’s Vernis Blue Denim Nail Lacquer, you’ll love it, plus you’ll be hitting two nail trends at one time! (half moon mani + blue polish—look at you!) Once you have painted your nails like you would normally, peel off the reinforcement. NOTE: It is important that you do not peel it towards your nail or with your nail but AWAY from your nail and towards your body. This is because you want a clean break from the sticker, your nail, and the polish.

Love the look? Keep it long lasting and apply a clear top coat. Voila, there you have it! Share this trend with all of your friends and show us your pics once you try it!



Nail Trend Gets Served: Caviar Polish

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 04/02/2012 - 3:17 PM

Talk about bizarre beauty! Have you seen the latest, and possibly, the greatest nail trend...the caviar manicure? Yep, that's right, caviar is not just for eating anymore, it now has a look alike nail polish trend! Ciaté has created kits that come in rainbow, black and white, and retailers are starting to get these hopes to sell out!

In reality, all the 'caviar' is are tiny microbeads and with it, a nail polish for application first. So, technically, rather than waiting for these kits to come out, how about a little doin' it ourselves? 

All you'll need are two items, the first a quality nail polish, like Dior Vernis nail lacquer or an OPI polish. The second item would be your caviar aka microbeads. You can head to any craft store for those and get as many or as little colors as you want! You can mix, match, combine, and oh hey, how about doing an ombre caviar nail? How hot would that be?

Moving on...polish your nails as you normally would, with a base coat and a first coat. Onto the second coat, apply the polish thickly and pour the microbeads over your nails. Do this for all your nails and lightly pat the beads on each nail to safely 'secure' them, for a longer lasting mani.

Don't want to do all your nails, just do your ring fingers and create an accent nail! It's a gorgeous look! Will you try it?If you do, post a pic of it on our Facebook profile or TwitPic it to us @FragranceNet