How To: Apply Mascara Correctly

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 8:28 PM

When you want to look like an A-list movie star, (we’d kill for lashes like Jennifer Lopez!) grabbing a nice pair of falsies may be tempting, but there’s no harm in going au-naturale and playing up the lashes that your mama gave ya.

To get irresistibly long and lush lashes for days, all you need is a few good beauty tools and some knowledge on how properly apply your mascara. Yes beauties, that really does mean you don’t have to turn to painful eyelash extensions (phew!) that really don’t work.


So, do you use a lash curler before using mascara? Does a lash serum really make a noticeable difference? What mascaras are totally worth it? If these lash questions sound oh-so-familiar, have no fear! We got answers to all your lash doubts.To get the full and beautiful lashes you deserve, read this comprehensive guide to get the full beauty scoop.



Shop the Look...for Less!

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 03/12/2013 - 8:50 PM

If you're anything like us, you can't stay away from Pinterest, it's true, it's addicting. But this look caught our eye and stopped us in our tracks, really, and we figured we just had to feature a shop the look for less here... for you. So that's what we'll continue to do...isn't it just lovely? Ready to get this look? Check out the easy steps and how to get it for less!

First, get all of your lovely beauty tools and products ready. This look will call for jet black eye liner, liquid and pencil, a bright blue (or any color you'd like to accent your eyes with) plus a volumizing mascara.
Prime your eye with primer or a foundation for a longer lasting hold on the eye shadow and even out any redness of discoloration on your lids. This look calls for a clean, classic appearance, with a running of black along your upper lash line. Next, apply the blue shadow on your eye lid, then a neutral shimmery shadow on your browbone to highlight. You may blend in a neutral color into the crease for a more dramatic look, but be sure to blend, blend, blend. Apply the blue shadow eye shadow color onto the bottom lash line.
On the inner tear duct, apply that shimmery, neutral shadow you used to highlight your browbone to open your eyes and really make them pop.
Curl your lashes and get the liner ready (our pick is Dior's style liner in noir black) ! Apply on the top lash line and wing out if you wish. Line the bottom lash line with the same liquid liner. Start before the corner of the eye when applying the liner, this way you won't be 'closing up' your eyes. Gently press the liner into the very edge of the eye, build up gradually rather than applying one sweeping line, or you'll end up smudging or creating a messy line. 

Now for that pop of color, dab, sweep and press the blue hue eyeshadow in the inner tear duct and line the bottom and top lash lines with this second color.

Long Lasting Products, We Can't Get Enough Of

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 6:51 PM

Say 'no more' to make up that melts and smudges, looks faded or changes colors mid day. A few tips and tricks and some quality, designer products from us will get your makeup looking like it did right after you first applied it -- all day and all night long.

First, use a makeup primer as a base, Murad's hybrids skin perfecting primer is amazing! Layering is key, that's true for fragrance, makeup, you name it, it's your key to looking and feeling your best. Prep your face with a primer, apply it before you apply foundation. What does it do? It reduces and camoflauges any large pores and will prepare your face to accept the foundation (tinted moisturizer, BB cream) whatever it is you plan to use!

After you've prepped your face, use a creamy or cream based foundation, this way it will 'melt' into your skin before using a powder foundation, if that's your preference. Just like you may prep your eye lid with primer, a cream based product will make your makeup products stick to you, this tactic works extremely well.

Lastly, lock it down. Set it with a translucent powder,brushing it all over the face. Worried about clogging pores or looking too made up or even worse, cakey? Mineral powders are healthy and a great way to lock it down with a natural, no makeup look.

Have your face down pat? Looking for makeup products that will last on your eyes?

Clarin's has quite a color selection for their single eye colour. We're loving #11 in sweet melon. These shadows will illuminate your eyes with pure color, smoothly glide on and gives incredible even color, while of course be long wearing with exceptional hold.

A long lasting, water resistant mascara? We are obsessed with Lancome's l'extreme mascara in no. 01 noir stretch. This mascara will literally extend your lashes up to 60% instantly. This water resistant mascara not only softens and protects lashes, but incredibly enhances glamour to your eyes.

Long Lasting lip wear anyone?
How does a smooth glide, semi sheer lipstick that gives an incredible plush feel and full moist finish sound to you? Good, right? Well, it gets better! Smashbox's photo finish lipstick with sila silk technology is long wearing and makes your lips velvety smooth with room for shine. 

And of course... how could we do a post without mentioning long lasting scents?

Eau de parfums, typically stronger in scent and concentration from an eau de toilette, are preferably longer lasting but it all comes down to the moisture of your skin. SO before trying any of these suggested fragrances, the number one suggestion is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Give the scent some moisture to grab a hold of, dry skin is never a good thing for someone who wants a long lasting scent. Ok, now that you catch our drift there, here are a few fave picks of eau de parfums we can't get enough of.

Let's talk about a romantic scent, sure to be a hit, day or night...Flowerbomb Extreme. This eau de parfum is a bit stronger than Flowerbomb but is a great choice with a combination of bergamot, jasmine, osmanthus, white flowers, amber and vanilla. YUM!

If you love Chloe Love, you will absolutely adore Chloe Love eau Intense. Yep, you can guess it right, this eau de parfum spray is a bit stronger than it's original, with a gorgeous mix of elegant notes that include orange blossom, pink pepper, iris, lilac, wisteria, hyacinth, heliiotrope, powdery musk, talc and rice. 

What are your favorite long lasting fragrances and beauty products? Shop our designer brand products for way less than anywhere else!