How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes Properly

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 7:10 PM

Your squeaky clean complexion ain't the only thing that needs a deep clean every once and awhile, as treating your makeup brushes should be equally important. Did you know that dirty cosmetic brushes can spread dirt and bacteria around your face? Not only does this cause gross unwanted breakouts, but unclean tools can cause unwanted skin irritations as well.

To give your brushes the full clean treatment, start by taking your brushes (we love Bare Escentuals Brushes) and cleaning them with a good detoxifying or clairifying shampoo every two weeks. May we recommend the NIOXIN Intesive Therapy Clairifying Cleanser for a thorough and gentle clean?

 After you've selected your shampoo of choice, gather all your brushes and wet them under the sink to begin the cleansing process. Then, spread about a pump of shampoo into your hand and begin washing those brushes. Scrub and lather your brushes for a good two to three minutes and then rinse all of the product out of the brush hairs.

Once your brushes are completely clean, it's best to let your brushes air dry. Place brushes in a cup or container (plastic soup containers work great!) and allow the brushes to stand up to promote fast drying time. Sure blow drying is tempting, but it's important to remember that your brush hairs are super delicate, so blow drying them might cause scorching or burned bristles.

So, why use regular shampoo instead of a good old brush cleaner? Not only is using shampoo a fun DIY trick, but it also gets out tough product buildup that most brush cleansers can't get out. Plus, it also gives your hard-working wallet a break by allowing you to kill two birds (freshly cleaned locks and makeup brushes) with just one stone.