DIY: Rosemary-Mint Mouthwash by David Pollock, Global Safe Beauty Expert

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/24/2013 - 7:24 PM

What You'll Need:

  • 2.5 cups Distilled Water
  • 1 Teaspoon Fresh Mint Leaves
  • 1 Teaspoon Rosemary Leaves
  • 1 Teaspoon Anise Seeds


Directions: Bring water to a boil and add in herbs and seeds. Infuse for 20 minutes. Cool, strain and use as a mouthwash. Store in refrigerator.


Honey Do's & Don'ts by David Pollock, Global Safe Beauty Expert

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 7:28 PM

For centuries honey has been used as a food, a medicine and as a beauty product – but I’m willing to bet that most of you only use it for sweetening your tea. Why is that? What did our ancestors know that we have forgotten about?

There are different types of honey, and not all honey is created equal. In fact, there are about 300 different types of honey available in the U.S. What you most likely buy from your local grocery is “Wildflower Honey” – which is a fancy way of saying the makers have no idea what kind of plants the bees were visiting when they made the honey. Normally this is taken from countless sources and then mixed together and pasteurized (and sometimes artificially sweetened) to try and come up with a consistent flavor.

Different types of honey have different tastes, pH levels and benefits. The honey commonly regarded as best for external use is Manuka honey which comes from New Zealand. This honey has a pH that is very close to your skins natural level and has high quantities of natural antibiotics in it – this encourages skin to renew and heal itself rather quickly.

Honey has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of all sorts of maladies like cuts and burns, sore throats, dry skin, upset stomachs, acne, ulcers and more.  Honey is also used in beauty products such as hair honey, honey baths, moisturizers, skin scrubs etc. Lately several companies have been bringing honey back into play in their beauty treatments and medical studies are starting to take a look at the benefits of honeys gooey goodness. How can you incorporate this super-food into your regimen?

The Honey-Dos:

1. DO use honey to help treat minor cuts, open sores and burns. It creates a moist layer that allows new skin to form on the same level as the old skin. Honey also helps lock out bacteria and fungus that might otherwise creep its way in. Scabs dry and force new skin to grow a few layers deeper than your existing skin – creating scars and discoloration. Honey can help reduce this.

2. DO use honey to return moisture and shine to your hair. Several shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products now feature honey. Another option is to make your own using one of the simple natural recipes on my website:

3. DO use honey to treat your acne. Honey is full of natural antibiotics that are great for calming breakouts both on the face and the body. Plus the pH encourages new healthy skin to grow! You can buy acne treatments containing honey, you can use the raw honey itself on your skin in between breakouts to discourage new ones, or you can use some of my recipes for acne prone skin to soothe and help keep you clear:

4. DO use honey to keep your lips healthy, soft and kissable. This is especially important for those of you who have fuller lips. We lose a lot of moisture through the thin skin of our lips and the more lip you have – the more area prone to over-drying and cracking. Lots of companies have lip treatments available that are full of honey, or you can make your own:

5. DO use honey in your skincare even if you don’t have problem skin. You can find it in the beauty department in just about any product you can think of – and there’s a reason for that. It’s great! I also have recipes you can try out:

6. DO remember that our buzzy little buddies gave us more than just honey! Beeswax is another wonderful gift that can be used in countless different ways – but that’s for another article.


The Honey-Don’ts:

1. DON’T give honey to children under 18 months old. It is believed that their little digestive systems cannot properly process the natural bacteria in honey and they may actually come down with botulism. It’s rare, but I wouldn’t risk it.

2. DON’T forget that bees may be little miracle workers, but none of them have been through medical school. If you have questions or need help – seek a medical professional.

Hopefully this has taught you just a little bit about just how sweet honey really is! For more recipes, tips and tricks, the check out what’s “buzzing” in beauty or to ask a question directly visit us at




Secrets to Healthy Hair by David Pollock, Global Safe Beauty Expert

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 11/14/2012 - 9:13 PM

No offense, but you’re probably your hairs worst enemy especially around the holidays!

I know that may sound a bit harsh, but it’s true.  Healthy hair, regardless of length or texture, has strength, body, shine, and resilience. With these simple tips, your hair will be able to handle the things we do to it during the hectic holiday season and bounce back like an excited puppy.  It will be able to stand up to flat irons, blow driers, insane up-dos and too-tight headbands. You will have healthy hair that is forgiving hair.

So, how do you get there? Let’s start from the inside and work our way out.

Think about your diet, is it healthy? Is it balanced? Are you (and your hair) getting all the hydration and nutrients you need? Do you really know what your hair needs? For most people, the honest answer is going to be a “no” and that’s OK. I am here to help. Getting the basics down is the key to keeping your hair holiday fabulous. With our busy schedules we may not have too much time to think about the things we feed ourselves, especially if we’re running through a drive-through after marathon shopping. What you eat, however, is an easy and vital thing you can do to keep your locks looking lovely and ready to handle any festive style you want to throw at it.

Staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do, so drink more purified water! Okay, now drink even more!  Next, eggs and spinach are both wonderful sources of iron; low iron levels have been linked to thinning hair as well as hair loss – certainly not good news for your holiday hairstyle. Next up we have beer and chocolate – yes, I said beer and chocolate. Beer is a great source of silica (so are bananas, for you non-drinkers) and silica can add luster, bounce and strength to your hair. Remember too much beer can also give you a belly among other things – so go easy on this one. Dark chocolate can help your hair stay hydrated and protect it from sun damage.  It’s is also full of antioxidants that are linked to helping improve your skin by lessening wrinkles, erasing sun spots and gifting you with that dewy glow. You’re looking for 70% or more cocoa content in your chocolate for it to treat not just your taste buds, but your hair and skin as well.

Incorporating the following foods into your diet will also keep your follicles fabulous over time: blueberries, wild salmon, sunflower seeds, spicy peppers, oysters, walnuts, kiwi, avocado, garlic and lemons. Yogurt, sweet potatoes, watermelon, beans, cantaloupe and mango are another batch of “must haves” in your diet. For an extra boost add lycopene-heavy tomatoes, which are great for hair and skin – there’s a trick here, though. Lycopene is much more easily absorbed by the body when tomatoes have been cooked. Snacking on raw tomato is healthy and delicious, but roast them up - if you want their full benefits! Olive oil and marjoram both help your body to absorb the nutrients and antioxidants from veggies – boosting the rate by as much as 200%, according to some studies. Oh, and about those beans, the darker the better – black beans have been shown to have double the good stuff as their pale-colored cousins. I can see some of you celebrating through the computer screen already.

So now that you know what to do to keep your hair happy from the inside-out, but what should you be doing (or NOT doing) to keep it awesome from the outside-in?

First – step away from the shampoo. Many shampoos are just too harsh for your hair and strip away all of the vital goodies. Over-shampooing can make your scalp tight and itchy and leave your hair wrecked. Under-shampooing can make your scalp oily and give you dandruff. Find your happy medium and run with it! Trying a gentler shampoo or maybe even a dry-poo can help leave your hair with the amount of oomph that nature intended.  

Also, try not to style your hair when it’s wet. For you curly-girlies out there, this may be the only time you can detangle. If that’s the case remember to use a wide-toothed comb, conditioner, and lots of patience. Pulling on wet hair too much can cause breakage. When it comes time to dry your hair – do NOT rub it with your towel as it can cause tangles; squeeze or pat it dry. This goes for all of you.

If you’re a flat-iron user, turn down the heat! I know if the heat is up higher you can do your entire head in 30 minutes as opposed to 90, but you’re literally frying your hair. Besides, if you lower the heat and go slow, you can get in a great bicep/tricep/shoulder workout while you’re styling – now that’s what I call multi-tasking!

Now imagine someone just told you that you have exactly 30 minutes to get ready for a holiday party they forgot to tell you about (oops!) – if you’ve followed these steps it will be a breeze! Keep your hairstyle simple and “you”. If you never wear an up-do, now is not the time to try out your first French twist or that chignon with a side braid that you saw on Jessica Alba 3 weeks ago.  If the basics are solid then simple hair, simple makeup, simple wardrobe and one stunning accessory is really all you need to be ready to go. Be bold, bright and confident and you’re sure to leave them dazzled.

For more tips and tricks as well as beauty recipes – or to ask David a question, visit us at