Givenchy's Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 6:07 PM

Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR shades of heavenly light, loose face powder.
Wondering how to use it? Top off your foundation, or bare skin if you prefer, with these translucent loose powder quads. Each perfectly coordinated powder quartet will glide over your skin for a soft, sheer, matte finish that literally lasts all day.

Use the green to cover up red imperfections and blemishes. Use the blue to cover up a sun burn or some too tanned sunless tanner skin, use the pink to highlight and have that 'wide awake' look, and use the white as a finishing, sheer, matte touch.

How To: Choose the Right Foundation Shade

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 11/19/2012 - 5:42 PM you know what your complexion is? What undertone family do you fall in?
Your undertones can fall into a few categories, cool, neutral, or warm. If you are warm tone, you will have a warm, yellow peachy complexion. Cool tones will have a pinkish complexion with a bluish reflection and if you are a neutral tone, you will have a pinkish tint and a yellowish tint, so lucky can wear an array of products and almost any color!
Speaking of color, another great way to determine your skin tone is to think about the colors you look best in. If your colors are blue, black, and white, you probably have a cool skin tone. If you look great in burnt orange or cream colors, you're warm tone.

Next tip, wear a white top when trying on foundation. Why? Wearing colorful tops can cause a reflection that will make your undertones and face tone appear different than what they truly are, so just be sure to wear a simple, white top for your true complexion color and undertone family.

The last, the final...and the most important tip in choosing the perfect shade of foundation? Test the foundation, not on the back of your wrist nor on the top of your hand, but your jawline. Blending the color into your jawline will easily determine if the shade suits you.  Why not test on your wrist or top of your hand? Your skin in these places are totally different than your face, so if you want that perfect, blendable shade for your foundation, be sure to test it out on your jawline. It should blend into your skin easily and once it is applied, should look as if it has dissapeared. Try wearing the makeup for a few hours and see how your skin feels, does it look ouly? Dry? Does it crack?

Let us know your tips and tricks to finding the perfect shade of foundation and what designer foundation you are looking forward to trying next!