Bizarre Beauty

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 05/20/2013 - 5:44 PM

It’s no secret that women (and men) will go to great – and sometimes strange – lengths to get gorgeous. From sanding off unwanted hair in ancient Babylonia to Arabian women of the past dipping their hair in camel urine for sleek and shiny locks, bizarre beauty products and treatments are nothing new. These are five of today’s craziest get pretty trends; most definitely not for the faint of heart.

Placenta Face Cream: Using either sheep or lamb placenta, the face cream is said to erase fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity, and bring back a youthful suppleness to skin. Also known as “living cell therapy,” the skin care product is nutrient rich and safe for sensitive skin – not sensitive stomachs.

Snake Massage: If you find yourself in Israel, in need of a massage, and possessing a little extra bravery, a snake massage might be just the thing you’re looking for. Heavy king and corn snakes slither up and down your body and over your face giving you a deep tissue massage. Don’t worry though, they are non-venomous.

Snail Slime Cream: Containing snails’ mucous secretion, this bizarre beauty product is said to be a miracle acne treatment, burn healer, and spot and scar fader. The gooey goodness is a glycolic acid and elastin powerhouse; perhaps that’s how French women stay so young?

The Geisha Facial: Don’t be fooled by the demure name of this wacky spa treatment. The Geisha Facial – aka the bird poop facial – uses powdered nightingale droppings for softer, brighter, more nourished skin. Sounds gross, but if it can give us the crystal clear complexion of a geisha, it may be worth it.

Bull Semen Hair Masque: Salons all over the globe are offering this deeply conditioning treatment claiming to leave hair soft and shiny. The bull semen is protein rich, non-greasy, and stored in the refrigerator. Looks like Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary knew what she was doing!

How far would you go to get lucious locks and a crystal clear complexion?

Bizarre Beauty Beliefs

Posted by Anonymous on Fri, 04/27/2012 - 8:59 PM

So I was recently reading a blog post on about a beauty study done in France, talking about how drinking alcohol or thinking you have had a drink or two can make you 'more beautiful'. While I personally think the total opposite about this study, considering alcoholic drinks just dehydrate you, how can it possibly make one more beautiful? They bring up the whole confidence thing, which I get…but see for yourself in the article here.

So this article got me thinking about some other bizarre beauty beliefs I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again.  Some of the most ridiculous things, like crossing your legs will give you varicose veins, applying Vaseline on your face nightly will prevent wrinkles, rubbing your eyes will create wrinkles, applying cocoa butter or olive oil stops stretch marks, and the list can go on and on for a long while. While sadly, none of the above are true, I don’t think this France beauty study is true one bit either. What are your thoughts on this? What are some funky beauty beliefs you think are actually true?