Summer Loving – 5 Products to Fall For

Posted by Eautalk on Fri, 07/08/2016 - 4:37 PM

Ready, set, sun! It’s finally summertime. That means a change in your arsenal of products is in order to get you prepared and pumped up to meet the heat in beautiful style. We’ve got a roundup of items that definitely make the grade for summer greatness.

First, let your senses put you in the right frame of mind with aromas that usher in everything we find seductive about the season. Ocean Breeze Candles is the ideal way to bring the alluring beauty of seaside beachy goodness right into your bedroom. The soothing fragrance makes it easy to envision yourself relaxing in the warm sand. When you think of hot women – in every season, but especially during summer – one icon that immediately comes to mind has to be the Queen Bey. Now we can’t promise that a product will make you look like this goddess, but the fragrance she created, Beyoncé Heat, definitely embodies her smoldering spirit. What’s summer without tasseled sexy beach-ready strands? There’s no sexier accessory for the season than a ‘do that does you justice as a sensational sun goddess with wind-swept tresses. To help you achieve that look with ease, get your hands on Lanza Healing Style Beach Spray.

Ladies who crave sun-kissed skin without the dangerous environmental exposure will relish the fact that it’s actually simple to achieve. With Sisley Phyto Touch Sun Glow Gel, you’ll be a bronzed beauty in no time without any burn or blisters. As your skin switches gears from spring to summer, a little TLC goes a long way to make it silky to the touch. Mychelle Tropical Skin Smoother (dry) Treatment Step 2 gets you to ready to glow – for faux or for real.