Spring Break Beauty: 6 Fun in the Sun Products

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 04/02/2013 - 8:07 PM

Whether you’re jet-setting to Monaco or simply working on your tan at the Jersey shore, look your absolute best this spring break with 6 products that I simply can’t get enough of. From fast-acting bronzers to the sexiest sheer lip glosses, here’s 6 fun in the sun products you should totally add to your makeup bag!

1. Dr. Dennis Gross All In One Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF15
When you want to wear a touch of makeup but still need proper SPF protection, choose this hydrating and UV protectant moisturizer which adds a tint of color while shielding skin from harmful sun damage. Available in 3 separate shades, this tube fits nice and neat inside your beach bag anytime.

2. Fresh Reverie Face Palette

Spring break beauty is all about lighter, sexier shades, so look no further than this palette of sheer blushes, flirty eye shadows and bronzing face luster for spring break perfection.

3. LANZA Healing Style Beach Spray
Love free-flowing, mermaid waves for spring? With this unisex styling spray, create tousled tresses for day or night. With a botanical and sea-mineral rich formula, this spray protects hair from color fade-out and sun damage. What could possibly be better than that?

4. Burberry Brit Summer
For that carefree, fruity scent, this summery blend of pear, lime and amber will get that spring-break mojo going in no time. Spritz a little in the daytime for a little summer sun whenever you need it. Don’t worry! This makes for a sultry evening fragrance too.

5. NARS Lip Gloss Greek Holiday
A sheer, glossy pout makes an irresistible springtime look, so pucker up with this shimmery and Vitamin E enriched gloss for sexy, kissable lips.

6. Guinot Summer Radiance Self-Tan For Face
Another one of my favorite spring break beauty faves? Good self-tanner of course. Now, most tanners leave my skin orange and patchy (yikes!) but this moisturizing facial tanner goes on super-smooth and keeps the skin moisturized with hydrating active ingredients.