Spotlight On: Tuberose

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 12/26/2013 - 12:00 AM

Spotlight On…. Tuberose

There’s no note in perfumery as sensual and beguiling as the heady scent of tuberose. Like its fragrant cousins gardenia and jasmine, tuberose belongs to the indolent family of notes: white flowers with rich, enveloping fragrances that convey an aura of femininity and sensuality. Such was the power of the note that staid Victorian society forbad young girls from smelling or wearing the flower, fearful of its seductive, corrupting influence. Native to Central America, Tuberose’s spiky clusters of waxy white flowers were first introduced to the world of European perfumery by returning missionaries, where it quickly became a staple of the richest, grandest fragrances. Often described as a creamy and carnal, it’s the warmest and most tropical-smelling of all the white flowers, leaving a rich and sultry veil of scent in its wearers’ wake. We’ve rounded up four of our favorite fragrances that spotlight tuberose in all its glory…