Six Beauty Essentials You Need For Any Halloween Party

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 10/19/2015 - 7:38 PM

Halloween is all about nabbing some scary flicks and infinite amounts of candy corn, but makeup (plus original creativity!) is probably the best thing about the holiday in our eyes.

There’s definitely a lot of looks to choose from, but no matter what character or costume idea you plan to wear this year, chances are you’ll probably need some reinforcement beauty loot to help keep the smudges or flyaways at bay. Got a Halloween party or mysterious masquerade coming up? Here are seven products that you’ll need to keep all your Halloween looks staying sharp:


Mascara: Whether you’re dressing up as a enchanting mermaid or a come-hither supervillainess, mascara is one beauty staple that can make any beauty look stand out. For super long lashes that can perfectly compliment your costume, we recommend the Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For Mascara Jet Black ($16.99), to keep lashes full of dramatic volume.

Fragrance: While alluring eye makeup and a seductive red lip can really add charm to any Halloween look, a stunning perfume can also provide any look with a sultry aura. Our fragrance recommendation of choice? Totally has to be the Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Eau De Toilette Spray ($35.99), which tempts and teases with notes of floral iris, gardenia and mimosa.

Glitter: If that upcoming Halloween party means lots of dancing, why not trust some handy body glitter to help you sparkle on the dancefloor. For some sizzling radiance, the Cheer Chics We’ve Got Sparkle Hair And Body Glitter Gold ($12.99) delivers a luminous golden sparkle to both your hair and body.

Longstanding Makeup: Before you start slapping on some makeup, know that there are easy hacks to keep your makeup intact all throughout the night. For starters, facial primer proves to be more than a beloved beauty blogger secret, as makeup prolongers like the Bare Escentuals Bareminerals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer ($24.99) zap oil and greasiness from your face, keeping your shadows and face paint in proper place.

Makeup SOS: Some makeup looks require lots of tools, so for a trustworthy palette that contains endless shadows and glosses, expect the Exceptional Because You Are: Eyeshadow And Lip Gloss Palette ($15.99) to come to your rescue whenever you need it most.

Everlasting Hairstyles: Wigs and other faux hairpieces are definitely a Halloween beauty staple, but if you’d rather create hairstyles using your own hair, picking up some strong hold hair spray can make all the difference. For a truly bulletproof hold, the Bed Head Hard Head Hard Hold Hair Spray ($11.99) keeps your styles resilient against humidity.