Shalimar Souffle De Parfum Eau De Parfum Guerlain

Posted by Dimitri on Wed, 06/15/2016 - 2:59 PM

Simply said, the perfume pillars of yesteryear (which have endured to this day) are nothing to be toyed with! Greats such as Arpege, Joy, Mitsouko, and No.5 have all met their success because of their uniqueness and mass appeal, however, over the years all have been touched by reformulation as restrictions have outlawed the use of certain components. Guerlain's Shalimar (1925) was the scent that pioneered the 'Oriental' classification and remains until today, one of the brand's greatest success stories. So, rather than try and reinvent the wheel, the in-house noses Chez Guerlain have created a delightful flanker which borrows from the old, and breathes new life into it... Shalimar Souffle de Parfum  (originally intended as a one-off flanker) first appeared in 2014, and has remained in production in the Guerlain stable for the past 3 years.

Just as the name might suggest, Souffle de Parfum is light and airy... Shalimar 'lite' perhaps. Presented in a blue glass flacon with violet/blue juice, Souffle opens with a shimmering citrus triple-threat; bergamot, mandarin and lemon... these twinkle over a lip-smacking rounded heart of jasmine and neroli, which are infused with a unique ozonic accord. The result feels textured and light, but does not compromise on persistence. Where the original Shalimar is ambery and vanillic in its trail, Souffle twinkles with white musk, liberating her from her famous great grandmother and allowing her to soar to new heights as her predecessor's modern sibling. Shalimar Souffle de Parfum is the ideal scent for all situations and all ages. She proudly acknowledges her fine pedigree, but also strides forward, asserting herself as an independent entity in her own right. 

Still in production today, she has already outlasted countless other Shalimar flankers... doesn't that alone speak of her cheeky wiles and charms? 

Don't miss her.