Scent of a Major: 5 Fragrances to Compliment Your Coursework

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/15/2014 - 12:00 AM

So, what’s your major?

Ah, the tried and true house party icebreaker. In other words, get ready to hear that question at least 20 times a weekend; but just don’t answer it as quickly as it’s asked. Let your fragrance tip them off.

Honestly, you’d be surprised how a single scent can epitomize four years of coursework. It all comes down to matching up the right notes with the right classes. So we did the prerequisite work for you and paired 5 of today’s most popular college majors with the perfect perfumes.


1. Pure White Linen for the Public Health major
Three words: Health Care Reform. With politicians overhauling the nation’s public health policies, you can bet your tuition money there will be a job awaiting you in this sector (government, nonprofits, hospitals) come graduation day. But until then, you’ll have to attend a handful of biostatistics, community health and development, environmental health sciences, health policy and management, and infectious diseases courses.

Pure White Linen  wraps a crisp layer of apple, pear, and raspberry over a floral bed of rose, freesia, gardenia, iris, tulip, honeysuckle, and jasmine-- the perfect scent for a Public Health major to spritz on before heading out the door.


2.  Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers for the Forensic Science major
 A Forensic Science program brings together the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, and criminal justice. Students learn such skills as evidence analysis from arson accelerants, DNA fingerprinting, presumptive tests for narcotics, trajectories for ballistics, human anatomy for drawing evidence from remains, and the legal procedures for taking evidence to court. Yes, everything you’ve ever seen on NCSI, and more.

 With top notes of blood orange and red apple hovering above woody base notes of benzoin and amber,Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers  will transport the Forensic Science major to the wooded-scene of a summer’s crime at which a musky undertone lingers.


3. Mauboussin for the Gaming Design major
The global market for video and online games is expected to reach $82 billion by 2017, so yeah, you could say job prospects will be looking pretty good come graduation day. But knowing how to power through levels won’t get you through this major alone, you’ve also got to be artistically inclined and quick on the mathematics front. Gaming Design requires courses in animation, audio design, programming, and production management skills.

Gaming Design majors can be just as colorful as the challenges they create, which is why Mauboussin for the Gaming Design major is a crisp and refreshing scent bursting with a unique blend of lemon, peach, benzoin, and mandarin is the perfect creative kick start.


4. Perry Ellis Reserve for the Environmental Sustainability major
Yes, you can transfer your eco-sensibilities and activist zeal into a major. Environmental sustainability training is applicable to a wide range of careers -- managers, advisors, planners and consultants are needed in fields such as city, state and federal government; heavy industry, utility, construction and energy companies; as well as food distributors, organic farming and ecotourism. The trick to preserving the environment will be found in global development and sustainability, environmental science, chemistry, statistics, and economics courses.

 Perry Ellis Reserve  is as inspiring, calming and refreshing as a meandering walk through a deep forest, so of course it would be the perfect scent for an Environmental Sustainability major. Symphonic notes of earthy oakmoss, exotic ginger and sensuous patchouli dance about the earthy and sultry fragrance.


5. Boss Femme for the Business Analytics major
We are living in a data-driven world, where companies collect and analyze data to measure past performance and plan for the future. So the more who can create efficient business processes and accurate performance reporting the better, especially when it comes to helping businesses compete globally. Business Analytics majors will dive into statistics, operations research, management information systems, and econometrics and modeling courses.

 Business Analytics majors who want to make a bold impression in class and in the field may want to spritz on Boss Femme  before heading out the door. This rich, mature scent features a delightful array of elements -- tangerine, freesia and black currant, balanced by  jasmine, lemon wood and Madagascar lily -- will draw the right kind of attention wherever you go