From Runway to Real Way: Nails at Kaelen

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 10/04/2012 - 2:25 PM

Kaelen's overall look was powerful, featuring designs with a modern 80's vibe. Sharp lines with rock prints, lucite accents and pops of sunny neon yellow rounded out a mainly black palette.

For nails, manicurists went for a high contrast “Distressed Nail” using black as the base, and then a bespoke nude khaki was layered in jagged strokes towards the bed of the nail.

For added dimension, only the black section of the nail was matted out , creating a dual-textured look full of disheveled luxury.

Products You'll Need:

Christian Dior's Rock Coat Smoky Black Top Coat

Christian Dior's Vernis Party Dazzle Nail Lacquer