Posted by Dimitri on Mon, 03/31/2014 - 12:00 AM

Iconic American designer Ralph Lauren has not only popularized the polo shirt, but has spent the last 5 decades promoting the American lifestyle. His models are almost always dressed in impeccably-pressed crisp white shirts and sunny smiles. Perhaps one of the best perfumes to wear with those smart jeans and a clean white shirt, is Pure Turquoise – a feminine scent he introduced in 2005.


Simply put, Pure Turquoise is bottled sunshine... it is a crisp, sparkling fragrance that feels weightless and airy. Topnotes of blackcurrant blossoms, cactus flower and lily of the valley impress with their rousing floral bouquet... they sparkle and shimmer over orange blossom, lily and rose; the texture being one of crisp, clean cotton. A considered base of vanilla, amber, rum and patchouli proffer character and intricacy, although they defiantly manage to feel transparent and sheer. This scent feels ethereal and angelic.


Pure Turquoise is femininity personified... one can't but think of the doe-eyed schoolboy whose jaw drops in awe of the pretty blonde cheerleader. It is a beautiful composition, and as all-American as... well, as Ralph Lauren, of course.