Products to Help Grow Your Less-than-Luscious Locks

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 10/30/2013 - 12:00 AM

Let There Be Length

My hair used to be down to my knees, and in a moment of impulse I cut it all off, donating my 36 inches to kids with cancer. It was a gesture I would do again ten times over, if only I could get my hair that long once more.

My product arsenal (oils, gels, mousses, etc) contains a ton of chemicals that strip my fragile follicles with each use, and as a result they don’t help my endeavor to grow my now-shoulder length locks. No matter how much I invest in fish-oil or biotin supplements my hair has never ceased to stop splitting at the ends (my excessive use of a flat-iron is partially to blame).

In a last ditch effort I started swapping some products out of my hair care routine with ones that promise to protect and strengthen my strands, in order to help them grow long and strong. I’m happy to report that I found success with certain vitamin rich formulas.