Product Spotlight: Prescription Youth Skin Care

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 08/06/2013 - 8:07 PM

When it comes to selecting an anti-aging skin care routine, it gets a bit stressful trying to sort through the many options available. Fret no more (it causes wrinkles!) – we decided to do a product spotlight about Prescription Youth, one of our favorite anti-aging lines.

Prescription Youth Skin Care is a hydraulic regimen created by Skin Labs that works to mimic the skin’s natural structure using its Smart Core System. Every product within the Prescription Youth line is formulated with the Smart Core System, which mimics the skin in order to prevent it from going into defense mode. By doing this, your skin will be open and ready to allow the anti-aging ingredients in and do their magic. Included in the formula is ceramides to hydrate and prevent water loss and collagen to improve elasticity. Options within the Prescription Youth Skin Care line include, Hydro Drench Moisturizer, Intensive Eye Cream, and Refining Face Wash.


Which Prescription Youth product will you be using for healthier, younger looking skin?