Perfume Tips: How to Wear Fragrance

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 11/05/2013 - 12:00 AM

Fragrance can be quite the magical addition to your day, but it also has the capability to - very easily - go down the wrong path. In order to avoid headaches, non-existent scents, or any other perfume issues, it is crucial to follow a few simple guidelines.

Find your perfect fragrance: This one may seem a little obvious, but many people don't realize that perfume goes on a journey and its scent profile changes as it dries down. In order to make sure you like the top and bottom notes, sample a scent for at least twenty minutes before you dive in and purchase. Go to department stores or local perfumers who offer samples, try them at home (away from sales associates and close by a shower), and once you've found the one you love, snag it at a better price on

- Take a shower before applying: Just like moisturizer, your skin absorbs fragrance much better after it's been wet. This will help your scent last throughout the day. If a shower isn't a possibility, use an unscented or coordinating moisturizer and the fragrance can adhere to that.

- Use pulse points as a guide: Spray perfume on pulse points - inside of the wrists, crook of elbows, behind the knees, inside of ankles, and behind the neck - but not ALL of them. As Coco Chanel once wisely noted, "put on perfume where you'd like to be kissed." So choose your "hot spots" and leave it at that to avoid too heavy of an application.

- Variety is the spice of life: Whether it's seasonally, monthly, or even daily, mix things up a little! Because fragrance adjusts to your body's chemistry, after a while, you won't get the full smell potential from your perfume anymore.

- DON'T apply to clothes or jewelry: Unless it is something you don't mind potentially getting ruined, keep fragrance to the skin. Some perfumes can stain fabrics or tarnish jewelry.

- DON'T rub wrists together: It breaks down and changes the scent's chemistry. Instead, gently dab wrists together to maintain the perfume’s integrity.

Perfume can be a beautiful addition when you follow these simple tips on how to wear fragrance; now you just have to find your perfect scent!