Our Favorite Experts Share Their Best Fall Tips

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 10/21/2014 - 12:00 AM

As the chilly air begins to roll in, the fall season is well underway. And to prepare for the coming season, we’ve consulted five experts to dish on all their fall beauty secrets. From how to boost your curls to why a skincare regimen is totally important, check out these fall-friendly tips to totally try.



“I rock curls 98% of the year and a deep, hot oil treatmeant every week during the fall and cold weather help keep my curls soft, shiny and bouncy. I stay away from heavy gels and use curl creams during the fall/winter, to keep my curls hydrated,” says Evelyn Lugo, Editor In Chief at EvCurlGirl.com


“As you update your fall wardrobe, it’s important to change up your beauty routine as well! A few quick changes will have you ready for Fall in no time!  You’ll want to start by adding a moisturizer that packs on the hydration to combat the cooler days ahead.  Next, arm yourself with a powerful lip balm!I’m loving Marc Jacob’s  Seduce Me.  I’ve officially bid farewell to my go-to summer fragrance (Bobbi Brown’s Beach Perfume).  I now reach for one of my Fall/Winter favorites… Tory Burch!  It’s seriously the perfect Fall fragrance situation!  So you see, just a few minor changes will help you seamlessly transition into your Fall beauty routine,” states Carla Kokoszka, beauty blogger behind Fashion Maven Mommy 


“The best way to ensure a great look regardless of your makeup choices is to have great skin care. When it comes to removing makeup from my face, I only use Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm which doesn’t leave residue or dryness behind when I use it. I am a huge fan of washing my face with Christian Dior Purifying Cleansing Milk which is a great way to nourish as well as to clean my face. I use this in tandem with my Clarisonic. To moisturize my face, Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream is a must to keep my skin soft as well protected from the elements. Whether I’m out and about or home, I swear by Christian Dior’s Lip Glow which keeps my lips soft as well as providing a natural hue,” exclaims Kimmie Smith , accessories expert behind Accessories Expert. 


"Whether we like it or not, with cold weather comes chapped lips. It's not fun and it can be painful if not taken care of. One of my biggest Fall/Winter tips are to exfoliate your lips! It feels amazing and you could either buy one or you can make your own! Either way your lips will feel super smooth and will thank you! For extra softness, be sure to apply your favorite balm immediately after exfoliating to really lock in the moisture,” finds Nicole “Niki” Brierty, blogger behind Hello Miss Niki!