Nine Ways To Maintain Hair Growth and Stop Breakage This Summer

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 06/29/2015 - 9:06 PM

Between chronic heat styling and frequent dye jobs, our stressed out strands are often left brittle and dry, leading to unwanted breakage and ultimately to hair loss. And now that summer has come into play, the sun’s harmful rays also take a toll on our strands, leaving you (and your hair) frustrated beyond belief.

And although living dehydrated and lifeless locks may seem hopeless, there are preventative measures you can take to salvage hair from further damage. Instead of using your go-to hair care favorites, try focusing on a repairing and strengthening regimen to perk back up your strands. For immediate relief, here’s nine ways to maintain hair growth and stop breakage this summer.

For Leave-In-Conditioner. Between the humidity and the rising temperatures, summer is a perfect time to give your hair a break from damaging heat styling tools. Instead of using your curlers and dryers, opt for heatless curling methods like Bohemian braids. To get beach-ready waves, simply spray your hair with the Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In-Conditioner ($19.99) before braiding, for a boost of moisture, and free flowing waves.

 For A Burst Of Protein. To stop breakage right in it’s tracks, adding some protein-rich products to your routine can make all the difference. To repair split ends, and protect hair from further damage, use the Savannah Hair Therapy Shea Butter Shampoo ($26.99) to boost your hair’s health fast.

 For Strengthening Shampoo. Build up your hair’s natural defenses with the British Hair Reconstructive Strengthening Shampoo ($17.99), which restructures and restores hair with moisture. Using a botani-Q complex, this multitasker also gives your hair a illuminating sheen, allowing you to ditch those old hairsprays you have lying around.

 For A Hydrating Masque. Hair masks are an important part of the strengthening process, as it allows your thirsty ends to be treated to intensive moisture. To feed your hair with essential nutrients and vitamins, the Biolage Age Rejuvenating Masque For Strength And Shine ($19.99) steps in and restores even the most of damaged of hair.

 For Protein Defense.  Dried out strands often lose volume and moisture fast, so to take control of your mane, the Malibu Hair Care Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder ($28.99) treatment soothes frazzled locks, while replenishing depleted strength and shine. 

 For A Strengthening Treatment. Save distressed hair at once thanks to the Redken Extreme Strength Builder ($19.99), which blends together proteins and ceramides for silky, smooth locks.

 For A Hair Boosting Treatment. If your hair is fragile beyond belief, let the Matrix Total Results Repair Strength Pak Intense Treatment ($12.99) reconstruct your hair, as it’s unique formula delivers strong hair, with less breakage. 

  For Hair Regrowth. When struggling with hair loss, treat your scalp with the Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment, Regular Strength For Women ($32.99) which revitalizes hair follicles in just two months.

 For Hair Loss Treatment. Fighting hair loss and providing unbeatable moisture, the Kerastase Resistance Bain Age Recharge Lipo Replenishing Shampoo For Tight Scalps And Hair Loss ($37.99) adds much needed strength and vitality to the hair.