The Need-to-Know Tip For Perfect Fragrance Every Time

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 8:18 PM

If you're going for the seductive subtle scent rather than suffocating everyone around you, the simple need-to-know-tip for that perfect fragrance every time is...layering! Layering is key my friend, so the first thing to do is snag a matching lotion to the scent you wear, and well, how do we say this? LAYER UP!

After you get out of the shower, spray your perfume on your skin first. Your pores will be open and clear of any makeup, dirt, or oil. This is the perfect time to focus on spritzing your pulse points. Once your sprays have dried fully, NOW apply the matching lotion to your skin. 

Not the biggest fan of lotions or creams. No problem! Try using the matching perfumed body wash. 

For the most full, heightened effect, use the body wash, perfume, and cream for a longer lasting, more intense scent. If not, stick with our first words of advice, for a lighter, more subtle sexy scent form. 

What's your number one tip to a long lasting, subtle sexy scent?