Make Your Own: Scent Style of the Day

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 10/10/2012 - 2:22 PM

If you haven't heard our Scent Style of the Day phrase, let me introduce you to it now. This past Fashion Week, we attended a ton of shows in New York for the Spring 2013 collections. We went to Lincoln Center with one question in mind, What's your Scent Style of the Day? We received a great response from the fashionistas, bloggers, and magazine editors and wanted to share with you the opportunity to let us know...what is your scent style of the day
Head to and fill in the Scent Style of the Day template we made for you to fill in!

Fill in your top, jeans or bottoms, shoes, what fragrance you're wearing, bracelet, mascara, lipstick, and/or purse. These are just suggestive place holders, feel free to add any product or item you'd like to fill in, but don't forget to include your favorite products and show off your scent style of the day!