Mad About Mascara

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 04/16/2013 - 3:33 PM

Mega lashes with volume, definition, and length? Totally swoon worthy. All you need to know is what brush you need.  

From Left to Right (True Lashes Volumizing Mascara by Calvin Klein, Blinc Mascara by Blinc, i.d. Weather Everything Waterproof Mascara by Bare Escentuals, Cle de Peau Mascara by Cle de Peau, Diorshow 360 Mascara by Christian Dior)

Work a different kind of magic with each of these mascara wands. Flick some for volume, others for definition, and even length, certain applicators tackle all three. But which does what?

Brushes with natural bristles that are thick in the middle, and thinner near the edges, like the one on the left from Calvin Klein, are great for volume and length. They create a multi-dimensional look by having the product applied thickest in the center.

Straight wands like this one by Blinc are the easiest to use, they provide an even distributed application. The ones with natural bristles like the one above provide volume and length but the look is less dimensional than the one by Calvin Klein. Ones with plastic bristles create darker thicker individual lashes that have more length.

Heart-shaped brushes like the one above by Bare Escentuals help to give a precision application to the inner corners of your lash line. The shape will help create definition and volume.

Curved applicators have the shape of your natural lashes in mind, sweeping on mascara is simple with these brushes and it’s easy to create a cat-eye type of look. This shape of brush almost always features natural bristles and creates volume, and length, while still defining each individual lash; we love the one by Cle de Peau.

The rarest magic wand to find is the round applicator, Dior makes a version of it in its Diorshow line. These applicators are harder to use, but they allow for more precision than any other brush. You can opt for multidimensional if you want it, or avoid it if you don’t. This kind of brush is best used to create length.

Which lash look is your favorite and what mascara do you use? Let us know in the comments below!