Let's Talk About Tape, Baby

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 04/30/2012 - 8:33 PM

Tape has become an essential part of my daily beauty routine, no joke.  Wondering why? Of course you are...who the heck uses tape to apply liquid eyeliner for that perfect cat eye look, or a cool nail design...me, that's who!  And now you will too once you see how you can make tape work for you. Read on for the most amazing tips to get the coolest beauty trends out there, down pat and perfect.


So you want the cool, cat eye trend but aren’t quite the beauty artist? Don’t have a steady hand, no problem! Grab that handy, dandy tape for a quick, easy, and pain free liquid eyeliner application. First, take a piece of tape the same length as your eye lid.  Place the tape on your hand and get rid of it's super stickiness.  Once the tape is not so sticky, place one corner of the tape to the inner corner of your eye lid and slightly slant the tape, securing it on your lid until it reaches the outer corner of your eye lid. Perfect! Now grab your liquid eyeliner and go to town with it. Go crazy, get nuts, because you’ve just created a ‘tape template’ for the perfect cat eye trend.. Once you’ve applied the liquid liner to your lid, close to your lash line, extend it as far or as little as you wish.  Once the liquid eyeliner has dried, slowly peel off the tape and look at that! Perfection!

Dying to know how else you can use tape to create a unique, fun look? Tape takes nail art to a whole new level, precise perfection is totally in! Use tape to create all sorts of great looks, like the perfect French manicure, or even an amazing color block look, or how does an artsy diagonal line look sound to you?

The possibilities are literally endless! Have you tried using tape for a beauty trend lately? PLEASE share with me any beauty tape solutions you have, I’d love to try them out!