Lanarchiste Eau De Toilette by Caron Fragrance Review

Posted by Eautalk on Mon, 11/28/2016 - 8:58 PM

If there was ever a perfume that epitomised the early 20th century Dadaist movement, it would be Caron's masculine, l'Anarchiste! Dadaism celebrated anti-art and rejection of traditional norms and values, and here is where the pair intersect.... l'Anarchiste (just as the name might suggest) is a scent which challenges, baffles and surprises in true Anarchistic form!

Designed in 2000 and originally presented in a copper-coloured jerry-can inspired flacon, l'Anarchiste stood to challenge preconceived notions in perfumery just as we stepped over the threshold into a brand new millennium. It married many facets which – on paper – one might never imagine working together... however the overall effect is both surprising and shocking. A sharp opening of mint and orange blossom hint at a metallic edge, whilst bourbon vetiver, guaiac wood, cinnamon and sandalwood lend a sense of combustable warmth. A melange of 7 different musks give depth and a curious 3-dimensional quality to this fragrance. At times one senses chocolate (despite there being none in the notes) and at other times, blood. A true shape-shifter!

L'Anarchiste stays true to its name by rebuking the aquatic trends of the 1990's, and presenting by us with one of the most fascinating masculines I think I've ever smelled since. L'Anarchiste can safely be worn day or night, although at night, I find it especially compelling. Perhaps just as one might take a fleeting second look over one's shoulder at a punk rocker or goth, l'Anarchiste also turns heads for it's uniqueness and non-conforming conspicuousness. An iconic scent of the future.