Juice Beauty: Create Your Own Revitalizing Menu

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 08/18/2014 - 12:00 AM

Up for a Juice Cleanse?! No, no, not one of those cleanses. Not the type that’s been filling your Instagram feed: kitchen counters cluttered with apples, ginger, orange, and kale; mason jars filled with #berrytastic concoctions. We’re talking about a Juice Cleanse for your beauty regimen.


Honestly, isn’t about time you detox your beauty cabinet of products packed with synthetics and start nourishing it with organic, paraben-free, nutrient-rich cleansers, toners, and moisturizers? Fortunately, this cleanse don’t have you slicing and dicing fruits and veggies -- Juice Beauty has taken care of all of that for you.


Juice Beauty’s chemists start with an organic juice base (aloe, jojoba, grape seed, shea, and citrus juices, among others) and add powerful age defying or blemish clearing ingredients. Since they don’t use inexpensive fillers such as glycols or water, their products are packed with nutrients so every antioxidant rich drop feeds your skin. Most conventional and natural beauty products start with a base of petroleum glycols (butylene and propylene glycols) that can be suffocating to your skin and can be laced with potentially harmful chemicals. The other most common base is water, which can dilute key ingredients, such as antioxidants that neutralize free radical activity.

A majority of the organic fruits and veggies used to make Juice Beauty’s concoctions are purchased from local West Coast USDA Certified Organic farms.

Get a look at the Juice Beauty Menu, and pick and choose the best way to quench your beauty appetite!


Green Apple Cleansing Gel

A splash of organic apple and lemon juices, rich in antioxidants and hydroxy acid complex, and a dash of  purifying botanicals combine to gently remove dull, lifeless skin, and unclogs pores; while clarifying, balancing, and brightening your complexion use Green Apple Cleansing Gel. Serving Suggestions: Cleanse face twice a day (morning and evening) by applying gel into damp skin with a circular motion.

 Smoothing Eye Concentrate

Organic grape and carrot juice are blended with essential fatty acids and a vitamin boost containing B5, C, E, K, and P for nourishment and hydration. Formulated for the delicate eye zone. this fruity Smoothing Eye Concentrate Cream is concentrated to smooth out fine lines and lightens under-eye circles.  Serving Suggestions: Apply concentrate two to three times a week in the evenings after cleansing.

 Organic Lip Moisturizer

Orange juice and vanilla extract are creamed into a vitamin E rich base of nourishing organic shea and cocoa butter. Organic Lip Moisturizer has aromatic essence of vanilla and orange revitalizes not only your smile, but your senses. Serving Suggestions: Glide on moisturizer whenever dehydrated lips are in need of a fruity refresher.

 Blemish Clearing Serum

 Use Blemish Clearing Serum its uper sweet and has  raw cane sugar that is dissolved in a mixture of organic apple and lemon juices and topped with antioxidants that help clear blemishes and even out skin tone. Serving Suggestions: Apply every morning, or three to five times a week, to face and neck. Can be worn under moisturizer or indulged in alone.

 Green Apple Moisturizer SPF 15

Tart organic green apple juice is blended with age-defying peptides, DMAE, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin antioxidants for a smooth moisturizer that not only hydrates dry skin, but also protects it from damaging UV rays use Green Apple Moisturizer SPF 15. Serving Suggestions: Apply every morning to face, neck, hands, and other areas often exposed to the sun. Be sure to reapply every two to three hours.

 Hydrating Mist

This Hydrating Mist has Organic red grape juice that is shaken with soothing aloe vera, nutrient-rich rosehip, and hydrating grape seed oil to create an ultra light toner that produces a fresh and dewy complexion. Serving Suggestions: Apply to cleansed skin throughout the day for refreshment.