How to Pick Out The Perfect Shade of Lipstick

Posted by Eautalk on Fri, 08/05/2016 - 6:42 PM

The truth is when it comes to cosmetics you can make any color work for you, if you know how. But – if you’re anything less than a makeup master (like myself) sometimes it’s easier to stick with the simple things. For example, take your everyday lip color – it’s easy to go natural with a simple pink shade. The question is, which shade is right for you? 

That depends on two things – your skin tone and hair color - yes, it really is that simple. We’ve created a simple chart using some of the newest Audacious lipstick colors from NARS Cosmetics, so that you can find the perfect shade for you! 

Can you make a chart that has Cool Skin Tones and Warm Skin Tones going down in the column and then across for the rows add blonde, brown/black and red. 


Would you rock your paired color? Let us know!