How To: Apply Mascara Correctly

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 8:28 PM

When you want to look like an A-list movie star, (we’d kill for lashes like Jennifer Lopez!) grabbing a nice pair of falsies may be tempting, but there’s no harm in going au-naturale and playing up the lashes that your mama gave ya.

To get irresistibly long and lush lashes for days, all you need is a few good beauty tools and some knowledge on how properly apply your mascara. Yes beauties, that really does mean you don’t have to turn to painful eyelash extensions (phew!) that really don’t work.


So, do you use a lash curler before using mascara? Does a lash serum really make a noticeable difference? What mascaras are totally worth it? If these lash questions sound oh-so-familiar, have no fear! We got answers to all your lash doubts.To get the full and beautiful lashes you deserve, read this comprehensive guide to get the full beauty scoop.