How It Works: Fragrance + Body Chemistry

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 01/23/2013 - 7:19 PM

Ever wonder why perfume or cologne smells different on someone else than it does on you?! Did you know that having a hangover can change the way your perfume smells on you? Bizarre, but true, it's all to do with your body chemistry, what your body is made up of, how the pH of your skin reacts to the alchohol and forumlation of the fragrance or scent. Ah, so that's why a perfume smells different on you than your friend who uses the same scent!

But that's not all. What else can change the way your perfume smells?

Your diet, your body temperature, even the body lotion you are using have an effect on the way your fragrance will smell and how it 'sits' on your skin. 

So how do you choose a fragrance? Well, make sure you are not wearing any other fragrances, body oils, or scented lotions, etc. Avoid testing out the scent on the paper strips at the counters, you want to spray it directly onto your skin, and wear the fragrance for at least an hour to get the true scent of how the fragrance will be unique for you...a signature scent to be remembered by.