Hair Perfume: Why It's Perfectly Practical

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 06/26/2013 - 8:08 PM

Ever walk past a Chinese restaurant and realize that despite the fact that you never set a foot inside the place, the strong smells of General Tso’s Chicken and pork fried rice have already stunk up your hair?

 If you’re beyond tired (and grossed out) of this never-ending scenario, don’t give up hope! With a good hair perfume and a handy dandy brush say buh-bye to gross, icky odors, and hello to gorgeous Disney Princess-like (it’s totally possible) hair! Now you may be scratching your head a bit, trying to fathom how and when hair perfume came into existence, but let me assure you, it’s perfectly practical.

 I mean, prepare to drool over this Aquolina Hair Perfume!  Not only is it rich with yummy notes of cotton candy, raspberry and caramel, but it lasts all day long. Yes, I’m that serious.

 Just throw this adorable pink bottle of delicious-scented goodness inside your purse, tote or work bag and spray and brush into locks when questionable odors become completely unbearable. Yeah, it’s kinda like Febreze for hair, but oh-so-much better!