Hair Masks 101

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 04/15/2013 - 7:23 PM

If you've ever wondered what everything is you need to know about deep conditioning your locks, this post is perfect for you!

From heat styling to coloring, we really do a number of damage on our hair, allowing it to become dry, coarse and completely unmanageable.

To solve this never ending problem, it's crucial to add a hair mask to your beauty regimen for deeply-conditioned, healthy locks. Much like a hand lotion, hair masks work to add hydration back into the hair as well as adding high-shine and lots of sexy volume. For some serious hair therapy, look to any of these eight hair masks for lush, soft hair instantly

1. AMIKA Nourishing Hair Mask ($40,

Treat deeply damaged locks fast with this nourishing sea buckthorn and Argan oil treatment which helps seal split ends as well as enhancing body and shine.

2. Nounou Repair Mask ($25,
For unmanageable, brittle hair, choose this super-hydrating olive butter mask for intense moisture.

3. Healthy Sexy Hair Reinvent Color Care Treatment For Overly Damaged Thick Coarse Hair ($18.95,
Coloring can really do a number on our tresses, so whip those locks back into healthy shape with this must-have treatment extending salon color and hair health longer.

4. Enjoy Hair Care Hair Mask ($23.79,
On your next day off, try this intensive smoothing mask for a buttery-soft coif.

5.It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask ($46.25,
Detangling and combating frizz is exactly what this miracle mask sets out to do, as it's rich, creamy formula pumps hydration back into dry hair.

6.Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask ($32,
Just like you would use lotion for dried out hands, slather on some of this mask for bouncy, hydrated locks.

7.Total Results Color Care Intensive Mask ($12.50,
Using Fade Guard Technology, this deep-conditioning mask keeps color salon perfect and hair nice and soft.

8.Agadir Argan Oil Keratin Protein Moisture Masque ($31,
Heat Styling is another cause of coarse, dry hair, so nurse those scorched locks with this strengthening find.