Girl by Pharrell Williams Fragrance Review

Posted by Dimitri on Mon, 04/04/2016 - 6:02 PM

Love his music or leave it, Pharrell Williams is going places. In 2014, he made his impression on the fragrance scene with GIRL; a unisex scent (yes, you read that right -  UNISEX - despite the name) that he produced in collaboration with the apostles of avant garde Comme des Garcons.


Girl  has it's focus trained on being unisex and's opening of neroli iris, violet and lavender set the tone for a soft, delicate fragrance, but GIRL soon proves it is anything but... these notes, combined with cedar, black pepper, patchouli and earthy vetiver strike a satisfying balance between earth and air; masculine and feminine; wet and dry; light and dark. There is a dampness and earthiness that one can liken to Narciso Rodriguez For Him... the two bare more than a passing similarity.

For all of its contrasts, Girl feels restrained and well-blended, and certainly very Comme des Garcons in its approach – stylish and well-edited.


As far as the celebuscent market goes, Pharrell Williams' offering is strong (albeit perhaps somewhat derivative). Still, both Comme des Garcons and Williams share a commonality that extends well beyond their perfume... that is, they both have the rare ability to make something commercial, highly marketable, and with mass appeal. Girl is already a hit with both men and women, so hats off to a collaboration between two unlikely artists that has certainly paid dividends. One to be tested.