Get the Look: Pin-Up Locks

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 05/29/2014 - 12:00 AM

First thing first, the cut! Obviously the bangs are the heart of the traditional pin-up look, so you’ll want to have your bangs trimmed to just above the eyebrows, with the outer ends curving up to a shorter length.

But there’s more to the look than just the cut. To really turn heads, well, you need to know how to put a pulse in those bangs, and the lockes that flow alongside.

Just follow our Get the Look tips and watch as all eyes fixate on your vintage appeal.


What you’ll need:

For thick hair: 

Spornette Touche Nylon Bristle Aerated Round Brush 

T3 Featherweight2 Hair Dryer 

Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray

For thin hair:

T3 Singlepass Twirl 1.25" Curling Iron 

Bed Head Candy Fixations Totally Baked Volumizing & Prepping Hair Meringue 

Bed Head Hard Head Hard Hold Hairspray 


How to get the look:

Thick Hair:

Step 1 - With towel dried hair, begin with the bangs. Take the Nylon Bristle Aerated Round Brush, place it underneath your bangs and begin to roll the hair over the brush so the ends curl under the brush and in toward your forehead. Spray a medium to thick layer of Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray over the bangs.

Step 2 - Take the T3 Featherweight2 Hair Dryer, with concentrator attachment in place, and direct a high heat downwards over the hair. Be sure to rotate the brush so the bangs take the curl. Once dry spray one more light layer of hairspray over the bangs.