Get the Look: Fall’s Turquoise Eyes

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 11/05/2013 - 12:00 AM

The crop tops and jean shorts have been packed away, but not so quick with that turquoise eye shadow!

Turquoise can transcend seasons, trust us, it’s not just a summer hue. Sure, it may have been the main player when it came to beachy eyes, but this fall it’s the accent you can’t go without. All you need to do is pair it with the perfect autumn tones, like say warm golds and smokey browns.


So are you ready to bring the perfect autumn chill to your look this season?


What you’ll need:

Pixi Crayon Liner in Vivid Turquoise

Pixi Eye Beauty Kit in Mermaid

Pixi Gel Liner in Sapphire

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent in Neutral Gold
Urban Decay Loose Pigment in Smog




How to get the look:

First apply Anna Sui Eye Color Accent in Neutral Gold across your upper lid, be as generous as you’d like when covering the inner section of the lid.

Then with the eye brush from Urban Decay’s Smog, from the outer corner of your eye guide the loose pigment in a diagonal direction up towards the tip of your eyebrow stopping at the base of your brow bone. Then guide the loose pigment just slightly downward toward the eye’s crease, this will create a bit of cat’s eye peak, continue along the eye’s crease, thinning the line as you reach the inner corner. Bring the brush back to mid lid and swoop the loose pigment from the crease down towards your lashes and fill in the remaining space out towards the peak.


Next thinly line the bottom lid with Pixi Crayon Liner in Vivid Turquoise. With an angle brush, line the midsection of the lower lid with one of the darker hues from the Pixi Eye Beauty Kit in Mermaid. Then choose a lighter hue and line the inner and outer edges, contouring the streak.


Finish by delicately kissing the tops of your lashes as you line the top lid with Pixi Gel Liner in Sapphire.