Posted by Dimitri on Wed, 11/26/2014 - 6:18 PM

A brilliant masculine release for Prada that is every bit an oriental as it is a fougere, Prada Amber for Men is as textured and as comforting as it gets! The main accord of amber has a honey-like quality that evokes feelings of warmth and familiarity... its the olfactory equivalent of wearing a cashmere sweater in winter. Non-aggressive and familiar, this is the perfect scent to snuggle up to... Prada has won over a whole new audience of men, and the women who love them!


Prada For Men is a breath of fresh air in the mens fragrance market. It is both warm and slightly soapy – evoking feelings of freshly lathered skin that is rinsed, warm and bare. It has a distinct air of an impeccably groomed man – hints of geranium and citrus hint at a leaning towards a more barbershoppy, classic slant, whilst leather, saffron, vanilla, amber and sandalwood feel decidedly modern and almost edible.


An exceptional choice for most occasions, Prada for Men is long-lasting and works every bit as well with suit and tie, as it might with open crisp white shirt or a tee and jeans. In the wintertime, it serves as the perfect, comforting mantle to pull around oneself. (Its a winner on date-night too)!