Fragrance Review: HERMES – BEL AMI

Posted by Dimitri on Wed, 11/26/2014 - 6:19 PM

A rough 'n' rugged woody chypre for men, Bel Ami strode onto the scene in 1986 ... with swagger! With a name taken from a famous French novel in which a young man rose to power by manipulating and bedding a string of influential mistresses, Bel Ami has been touted by Hermes as the “Great Seducer”... and just as one might predict, this brawny masculine is bold, commanding and unapologetic.


From the bottle, Bel Ami bowls you over with a profusion of citrus and woods. Notes of sage, basil, jasmine and carnation lend a floral/aromatic facet, which rests over a decidedly masculine and somewhat sexy foundation of leather, styrax, patchouli, woods and mosses. There is a wonderful spiced aspect too – making the best of a resolutely animalic huff of cardamom. Not surprisingly, Bel Ami feels extroverted and openly sexual.


A scent that epitomises gruff masculine vigor, Bel Ami still observes the traditional conventions of the House of Hermes... it conveys the Hermes DNA of luxury and finesse. Romantic nights out (or in!) is the ideal time to whisk out the Bel Ami... it has impressive staying power. Its not held in high regard as one of the House's most loved and most venerated masculines for nothing. One to be tried.