Fragrance Review: Christian Dior Poison

Posted by Dimitri on Thu, 01/15/2015 - 12:00 AM

If your own personal credo is “GO BIG OR GO HOME”, then few come bigger than Dior's iconic Poison... the quintessential floral from the 80's, steeped in legend and synonymous with excess! In 1985, when yours truly was watching Gremlins and listening to Duran Duran, Poison was unleashed onto the world, and with it came a wave of success... it shot to international stardom, and has remained close to the apex of feminine florals since! 

An incredibly complex blend of countless components, Poison enjoyed a special kind of alchemy... it is a blend that oozes carnality and confidence – an “all-eyes-on-me” composition focusing on jasmine, tuberose, spices, amber, resins, honey, woods and musks. A titan in the female fragrance world! 

There is no mistaking Poison for any other scent – its unique olfactory fingerprint dances in the mind long after it has stopped dancing in the nose. Now, some 30 years after its inception, Dior's legendary classic is enjoying a renaissance with women who like razzle and fanfare everywhere they go.

Brash, shameless and infinitely carnal, Poison still has epic pulling power! Another illustrious release that found its way into the record books!