Fragrance Review: Caron's Pour Un Homme

Posted by Dimitri on Wed, 02/11/2015 - 5:03 PM

If something has been around for over 80 years, it has to be for good reason, right?

Pour Un Homme is a Caron masculine that first made its debut back in 1934, and is still in production today! It is revered in the here and now as one of the classic perfume pillars of the early 20th century. Why? you might well ask... well, because you can never truly go wrong with classic ingredients that exude masculine charm and refinement.

Pour Un Homme is an aromatic fragrance whose primary list of components is short and sweet: lavender, vanilla, musk. And before you go dismissing it completely as sounding a tad lack-lustre, its important to remember that these three notes form the basis for COUNTLESS THOUSANDS of fragrances (both mens and women's) since the beginning of time! Here, there is a beautiful balance between sharp lavender and creamy vanilla... it creates an almost powdery texture in the nose, which evokes feelings of comfort and warmth. The slightly animalic seam of musk helps anchor it to skin, thus it's longevity and persistence is surprising. Pour Un Homme has a distinct barbershop vibe... it feels worldly, learned and civilized. If anything, it should write “Dandy” on the bottle!

So surely 3 generations of men can't be wrong. Pour Un Homme is an exceptional gift for a man who is simply happy in his own skin. Conservative. Educated. Dependable.