Flat Roots? Pump Up the Volume

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 12/31/2012 - 7:51 PM

Some days, your hair is just not working with you, and it feels like something in the air has completely sucked out all the volume you have...or should we say had? There are a few quick tips and tricks to add that volume when you want it most.

Here's tip one, you'll be whippin' your hair back and forth. No really, when your hair is a little damp, flip your head upside down and with a dab of mousse, finger brush and massage it into the roots of your hair.

Another volumizing trick? If you have dry shampoo, take the top layers of your hair and spray it to your roots only! That adds volume without weighing down the rest of your hair...plus most dry shampoos are purse-friendly.

If all else fails and those don't work...and you have long hair, try a trendy top knot! It's quick, it's easy and if you keep the updo up long enough, at the end of the night, you can pull it out after a few hours for a wavy, beachy hair look!