Fall Beauty: Seasonal Hair Hues

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 10/13/2014 - 12:00 AM

With the kaleidoscope of colors we’re about to step into this season: burnt reds, copper-kissed yellows, and nutty browns the possibilities for your Fall Beauty Routine are endless -- especially when it comes to season hair hues.

First thing first, choosing a color product for seasonal use. In this case we’re going to go with Wella’s Color Touch line, demi-permanent color, for each and every style and shade. Color Touch is an ammonia-free gentle cream that offers an advanced color complex of multi-faceted color and shine.  So in other words, your tresses will soak up the season hues along with moisturizing benefits; not to mention, once that first icy winter wind blows in you can easily transition into the latest color of the new season.