Everything You Need to Know About: Fusion Beauty’s Illumifill Line Filling Luminizer with Amplifat

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 08/28/2013 - 4:25 PM

Fusion Beauty has long been known for its lip plumping products, and rightfully so. But the brand has way more up its sleeve! In addition to glosses, Fusion Beauty offers powders, mascara, and skin care products - all with its signature volumizing effect. While the brand’s entire collection is worth a shot, we decided to focus on everything you need to know about Fusion Beauty’s Illumifill Line Filling Luminizer with Amplifat.

The pale pink, light-weight highlighter can be applied with a metal rollerball or squeezed out like a moisturizer. Formulated with Amplifat, an ingredient that restores the skin’s volume and plumpness, Illumifill Line Filling Luminizer has been clinically proven to increase firmness, resiliency, and elasticity by up to 37% in as little as four weeks! Light-diffusing particles also instantly fill fine lines and brighten the skin for a younger, more luminous complexion.

Illumifill Line Filling Luminizer with Amplifat can be used three ways:

1)      Under makeup for hydration and a subtle glow

2)      Mixed with foundation for all over radiance

3)      As a finishing touch over makeup on cheekbones, the forehead, and under brows to highlight a specific area

We love doing a little of all three – because you can never have too much of a gorgeous glow!