Dimitri Perfume Reviews September

Posted by Dimitri on Mon, 10/06/2014 - 12:00 AM



Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo accessorized the starlets of Hollywood's Golden Age back in the 1920s, and his luxurious bags and accessories are still worn by Hollywood's elite today! Testament to the brand's longevity, Ferragamo is still looked upon as one of the world's most-recognized labels today, almost 100 years later. Ferragamo added perfumes to the accessories line in 1998, and one of its most revered is the delightful feminine Incanto , of 2003.


A stunning woody, floral fragrance for women, Incanto is a unique study in femininity in which sun-ripened fruits and sunny blossoms prevail. It opens with a peachy, plummy topnote which is dewy and lip-smacking, over a slightly creamy sandalwood. Ruffled peonies, jasmine and lilies rest at its heart, as an ode to all things delicate and graceful. A deeply warm undercurrent of amber and white musk lends a striking sensuality. It feels like a beautiful angora mantle on the skin.

Incanto comes alive on milder days where cool air meets warm skin. Its sensuality also renders it an ideal scent for date night. Men of the world, brace yourselves!





Lovers of Guerlain's highly venerated Après l'Ondée rejoice! No need to trawl the online auction sites in vain, as we've found for you the next best thing!

It's a fact that Oscar de la Renta was an admirer of the elusive and iconic Guerlain fragrance, and here we can see De La Renta have produced it's kissing cousin, Coralina!

 Coralina is a floral woody musk fragrance for women which opens with dewy violet, steeped in dry iris and sunny mimosa. There are lively green notes present suggestive of the springtime. This timeless floral bouquet is anchored by woody notes that feel refined and sophisticated. This scent bears more than just a cursory resemblance to Après l'Ondée, with its rain-soaked dewiness... it feels sophisticated and elegant, like the women Oscar has dressed for decades.

 Coralina has above average persistence and good projection. If you're an admirer of the scent that inspired it, or simply a lover of classic florals, Coralina is sure to enchant you!




Launched to be worn with the Lebanese fashion designer's 2014 ready-to-wear collection, Ellie Saab's Le Parfum L'Eau Couture pays hommage to spring and summertime. Famous nose Francis Kurkdjian has created this women's fragrance which is the embodiment of femininity and sophistication. It is the olfactory equivalent of sheer, etherial fabrics gliding over skin.

 Opening with a silky sheer veil of orange blossom, L'eau Couture feels warm and summery from the outset. A facet of green almonds whisper at its heart, lending a slightly green, milky aspect. It feels light and airy and caresses the skin with its feather-soft weightlessness. An infusion of vanilla gives it an addictive aura and provides a memorable trail... the whole perfume resides in a register of flirty springtime attractiveness.

 Suitable for both daytime or night wear, L'eau Couture is ideal for women who enjoy understated, diaphanous perfumes which dance in the nose and linger in the mind long after.



 One of the mainstay's in Christian Dior's portfolio of masculine scents has to be Fahrenheit – the iconic woody / floral / musk fragrance for men that is recognized the world over. In 2007, Dior took Fahrenheit on a different trajectory – dropping the temperature a few degrees and launching the milder oriental / floral / woody scent: Fahrenheit 32.

 The original and the new share very little but for their name. The former – a robust woody scent with notes of petroleum and leather – has little bearing on the latter, which for all intents and purposes is an exploration in florals for men. Focusing chiefly on orange blossom, iris, rose and violet, Fahrenheit 32 is a lighter, gentler masculine. This unorthodox floral aspect is supported by woody notes, vetiver and vanilla, the sum of which feels crisp, cool and almost arctic... the antithesis of Fahrenheit! This being said, Fahrenheit 32 is a beautiful masculine, just as one would expect from Dior.

 Fahrenheit 32 has captured the hearts of many men (and a few women too) with its unique foray into flowers. Well blended and well rounded, it is an often-overlooked treasure that can be worn anywhere, any time. A 'must-sniff' for men and women alike!



 Just like Thierry Mugler's feminine triumph Angel did in 1992, Angel Men (aka A*men) shocked and surprised with its sweet notes of coffee and caramel when it was launched in 1996! An oriental woody fragrance for men, it helped forge a new style of scent for its time that was either loved or hated: the gourmand.

 Packaged in a reflective metal or black rubber flask, Angel Men is an explosive blend of patchouli, sandalwood, musk and amber which has been infused by finger-licking saccharine accords of tonka, milk, honey, coffee, caramel and vanilla. Its important to note, however, that whilst this reads more as a grocery shopping list than a fragrance pyramid, Angel Men has been constructed masterfully, and everything balanced meticulously. The precious woods, patchouli and coffee add an aromatic complexity, whilst the warm, food-like accords evoke thoughts of comfort and familiarity. Perhaps most surprisingly, Angel Men  does feel rather masculine, despite its sugary ingredients list. (There is even a note of burning rubber tyre thrown in for the avid motor-heads)!


Mugler has received incredible accolades for both Angel and Angel Men, and now we can look back retrospectively on these excellent releases from several decades ago, they perhaps make more sense to us now. Angel Men is still very highly regarded for its uniqueness and complexity. Its an essential addition to the perfume wardrobe of a man who likes to break with convention.