Clean Skin From the Inside Out

Posted by Anonymous on Fri, 05/17/2013 - 8:33 PM

While skincare products play a big part of keeping your face looking healthy, sometimes the easiest way to create beautiful skin is from the inside out. Nutritionists and dermatologists have long said that what you put inside your body greatly affects how it will appear on the outside, you've heard the saying, you are what you eat! So what does that mean? Besides the obvious—eating greens, drinking water, avoiding caffeine—there are other products you can consume to ensure a perfect complexion. You might even save yourself from spending big bucks on cosmetics! Here are the products we like that create a naturally beautiful you:

Vitamin E
One of the best things for maintaining a gorgeous appearance is vitamin E. This vitamin is an anti-oxidant, meaning it fights damages caused by free radicals (UV Rays, cigarette smoke, pollution etc.), locks in moisture and helps spread oxygen throughout the body. The result? Healthier looking nails, hair and skin. While dark leafy greens are the best way to get your vitamin E fix, a supplement like Carlson ACES antioxidant formula- vitamins A, C, E plus selenium, will work too.  

Rooibos Tea
Rooibos (pronounced “roy-boss”) is a herbal tea that hails form South Africa. It is packed with a blend of anti-oxidants, but unlike green tea, is naturally caffeine free. Rooibos, which translates into “red bush,” is great for fighting acne and reducing inflammation from eczema and sunburn, and it tastes a lot better than some other herbal teas. You can always add a little milk for a creamier flavor! Rooibos is available at most supermarkets and any natural health food store

This Italian-loved herb does more than add some flavor to your pasta; it’s fantastic for your body, too. Garlic is a natural anti-biotic that has long been known to fight skin infections and inflammations. The difference is that garlic doesn’t get rid of your body’s “good germs” and you won’t build immunity against it—it will continue to be effective as long as you take it. Crush a little garlic into your food or veggie juices as often as you can, or, if you’re not a big fan of the flavor, take a garlic supplement like Now Foods garlic tablets for similar results.