CK Contradiction for men Cologne Review

Posted by Dimitri on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 2:56 PM

Ever the apostle of modernity, Calvin Klein has succeeded in taking vivid snapshots of our time through both fashion and perfume… for example, who can forget the early 90s mania for CK Be and CK one? Then, in the late 90’s Klein released Contradiction and registers were ringing worldwide. 

Presented in a weighty glass flacon almost completely obscured by a brushed metal cap, Contradiction for men surprises with its citrus, sage and lavender prelude which ushers in a second act of cardamom, nutmeg, pepper and coriander. This warm piquancy prickles at the back of the nose, but is diminished with green earthy vetiver, and a clean musk and woods crescendo. Contradiction for Men - whilst non-intrusive - is commanding and very memorable; perhaps ideal to snuggle up to on a cold night, or to be worn with t-shirt and jeans on a hot summer day. Always creating an impression and setting a mood for fun, its a great all-rounder!

Those who wore this at the turn of the millennium will delight in the memories it evokes, as it succeeded in placing a bookmark firmly between the pages of time. For those yet to explore it, there is every chance it will be on high rotation in your fine fragrance wardrobe!