Blanche Byredo Eau De Parfum by Byredo Fragrance Review

Posted by Dimitri on Fri, 08/26/2016 - 3:05 PM

Stockholm-based fragrance house BYREDO have launched some fascinating parfums in recent times whilst working alongside some of the world’s most celebrated perfumers. In 2009, the Scandinavian perfume outfit launched Blanche – an arresting fragrance which serves as tribute to all things white!

Ben Gorham, the founder and creative director of the brand, notes the following: "the fragrance is pure and simple in structure but extreme in character"... and his perception is right on the money. The scent opens with diamond-white aldehydes that suggest a fragrance almost transparent in nature. Tender white roses blossom over a heart of hushed violet, dewy neroli and blushing peony... and whilst one can feel the translucent quality of this perfume, it is a scent which is really quite intricate. I immediately get the sensation of gauzy white linen billowing on a clothes line, still slightly damp from the wash. It is a sensation that I not only register via my sense of smell, but almost through touch... the composition is very tactile; soft and vapourous. Whilst the “fresh linen” concept has been tried many times in perfumery to date, Byredo's Blanche appears to have achieved it with finesse and sensitivity. Light musk, blonde woods and fragrant sandalwood furnish the fragrance with a sense of depth, and lend a sense of familiarity and comfort.

To my astonishment, I found that the fact this perfume is somehow diaphanous in nature, does not mean to say that it is in any way fleeting. A lovely unisex scent for the hot weather, or for when one wants to enjoy something with a sense of vast open spaces and weightlessness.