Beauty essentials for lunchtime workouts

Posted by Anonymous on Fri, 09/16/2011 - 6:54 PM gym bagLike so many of my colleagues, I am a working parent who struggles with balancing time at home, work and play. Fortunately one of the best ways I’ve found to fit a workout into my overly busy days (5 a.m. just isn’t happening for me) is during lunch.

Quite often, if you are driving around our office building, you will see the vast majority of our office walkers - many clad in t-shirts, fresh out of our supply closet. A few of us, however, take our workouts inside, as our office is located across the street from a large gym – complete with pool!!

As a lunchtime workout fanatic, I have successfully learned how to masterfully pack my gym bag, with everything I need for the week -- a few changes of workout clothes, sneakers and towels. Plus, my ever-so-important beauty supplies.

Working at gives me tremendous access to a bevy of beauty products …13,000 to be exact. I have come to realize that clarifying shampoos work great for when I swim, pursers are a plus, deodorant a must and lotions very beneficial!

Here are some of my important gym-bag beauty essentials:

-Make-up remover
-Facial cleanser
-Body mist
-Body lotion
-Lip gloss
-Clarifying shampoo
And I always tuck a magazine scent strip in the bottom of my bag.

(Patti K. is's vice president of business development. She has been with the company for almost seven years. Patti believes in love at first sight -- it's how she met her husband and how she feels about her two kids.)