Back to Cool

Posted by Anonymous on Fri, 08/29/2014 - 12:00 AM

As the sun sets on summer, it’s time to get ready and set for the awesome season of autumn. Why do we think it’s so great? Less heat, less humidity and a lot less insects are a few things we can think of. Now that’s not to say there aren’t a few beauty roadblocks we need to avoid, but they are relatively minor compared to brutal sun burns. So as we head into fall, here’s five hot products to help you prepare.

It starts to get windy during this season, which means tresses are going to undergo a bit of tangling. It’s nothing we can’t grab a hold of if we apply some Paul Mitchell The Detangler Instant Detangler Conditioner. Ideal for medium to coarse and chemically treated coiffures, this super rich conditioner kicks tangles to the curb and snags snarls. The result is soft, silky and shiny strands. It also shields them against sun damage, which is ideal for the ‘do during the days of Indian summer.

Once autumn is well under way, hands grab a hold of the seasonal burden of declining temperatures. The wind and cooler weather sometimes results in parched skin. Here’s where Ahava Hand Cream , well, comes in handy. Formulated with unique mineral skin osmoter and plenty of natural Dead Sea ingredients, it soothes hands with more-than-skin-deep nourishment and hydration. As an added bonus, it’s non-greasy and perfect for sensitive skin.

Fun in the sun is what summer is all about, but the tough toll it takes on your tootsies from beachside adventures isn’t exactly the holiday they were hoping for. During the fall season of boots and socks, it’s easy to indulge them in an everyday spa-like experience if you apply lotions they’ll love. Borghese Piedi Vitale Therapeutic Foot Cream  is one such affordable luxury that restores moisture, softens and hydrates, and contains natural exfoliators.

Going from one season that’s hot to one that’s windy means lips will most definitely become a bit lackluster. Dehydration and dryness often accompany the change. Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment  can take care of these issues with ease. The deeply hydrating balm coats lips while repairing and replenishing their moisture. It also strengthens skin’s ability to revitalize itself, making lips softer, suppler and fabulously firmer.

One of the best parts of fall is no doubt the aromas. It’s the season known for falling leaves, spices and cinnamon, which makes it delectable indeed. Capturing those inspiring scents is Amouage Autumn Leaves Room Spray. You can bring the outdoors indoors and enjoy fresh and lingering flavors including orange peel, cinnamon and cloves combined with edelweiss, patchouli, sandalwood, honey and vanilla.