Astro Assets:The Green Goodies for St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 03/12/2015 - 12:00 AM

St. Paddy's day is only a few days away and we want to indulge your senses with these green goodies...before you indulge on gettin' silly with a full on celebration in days to follow.  Here are a few more reasons to celebrate the luck o' the Irish!


Scorpio Bathe yourself in luxury, Scorpio, because you deserve to indulge in a little lavish behavior. Here’s one way to celebrate with Nature's One Green Tea Bath & Shower Gel by Perlier 

Sagittarius Now is the perfect time for trying something new, Sagittarius. With spring on the way, it’s a fresh start for all; and for your skin, so is Green Science Perfecting Cleanser by Aveda

Capricorn No need to mask your feelings, Capricorn. The only way to resolve your problems is to speak up. You can fix any facial flaws today too with Pear & Green Apple Masque by Eminence.

Aquarius Take care of yourself, Aquarius. Health is wealth, and you’ve been working too hard. To keep your eyes on the prize, enlist the help of Green Apple Nutrient Eye Cream by Juice Beauty.

Pisces You have a sixth sense of how things will turn out, Pisces. Trust it and do all you can to keep in tune with your instincts. For your strands, you’ll find success with Sensories Full Green Tea and Alfalfa Shampoo.

Aries Embrace your surroundings, Aries. The more comfortable you feel, the easier it will be to face challenges head on. Speaking of heads, you can keep yours equally in check with Green Meadow Balancing Conditioner by Bain De Terre.

Taurus With your birthday month on the way, it’s your time to shine, Taurus. And there’s no better way to get glowing in the spotlight than with Sparkle Hair and Body Glitter Lime Green by Cheer Chics.

Gemini Walk the line personally and professionally, Gemini. Everything will work out the way you want it to as long as you stay focused. To keep your gaze glamorously in check, get a hold of Tightline Cake Eye Liner Forest Green by Laura Mercier.

Cancer No need to be shy and hide, Cancer. This is your time to make friends and influence people, so get out and get social. Plus, you can put your best face forward with Green Tea and Vitamins Concealer by Korres. 

Leo Laying a strong foundation is the best way to begin any new project or relationship, Leo, and that’s what you need now. Same goes for your makeup, so look for Water Supreme Primer Base Spf 15 # 60 Light Green by Laneige to refresh yourself.

Virgo Since winter is over, you need some renewal Virgo - not just mentally but physically, your body could use a boost. That’s where Aroma Remedy Salt Glow Body Scrub Blend of Eucalyptus, Mineral Sea Salts, and Green Sea Clay by Aromafloria comes in handy.

Libra The sky’s the limit for you, Libra. You can achieve whatever you need if you believe in yourself. To make your surroundings receptive to change, become enlightened with some Green Tea Atmosphere Diffuser Oil by Demeter.