Astro Assets: Products that Predict Your Beautiful Future- Summer Frizz Edition

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 08/11/2014 - 12:00 AM


Aries: The heat is on, Aries, and though it may be great for proving yourself at work, it may not mean success for sizzling summer strands. But don’t fret, you can seal the deal on touchable, sustainable tresses with Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo.

Taurus: Now that the lazy days of summer are here, Taurus, it’s time you took a break from life’s crazy pace and recharge your batteries. Your ‘do deserves some stress-free TLC too, so grab Bed Head Spoil Me Defrizzer & Instant Restyler and rock your locks in low-maintenance luxury.

Gemini: The stars say redefine your style Gemini because you need to reenergize your life and love. Start with something simple like getting a chic coiffure, which is a cinch with the sizzling, South American beauty-inspired Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti -Frizz Deep Conditioning Masque.

Cancer: Feel like you’re going in circles, Cancer? Time to get off the ride of no progress and get moving toward a better a future. You can take it slow and just start by taming your tresses with Deva Curl Frizz Free Volume Foam. You’ll be able to reach great hair heights without having humidity bring you down.

Leo: Warm days and hot nights are what’s on tap for you Leo, so get ready to quench your thirst for love and adventure. Now let’s not let your locks get left out of this appealing picture, and with Liquid Keratin Infusing Deep Defrizz Conditioner, heavenly hydration and softness ensure they’ll feel all of the excitement and amour as well.

Virgo: Time to get your priorities straight, sweet Virgo. If you want to find the secret to your success, get everything in your house and life in order – including your hair. With Redken Align 12 Protective Smoothing Lotion, you can get your strands silky smooth and under control. Then you’ll easily be ready to conquer whatever else comes your way.

Libra: Everyone tries to get slim for summer, Libra, but believe us when we tell you – you’re perfect as you are! You need to keep that in mind especially on the days you aren’t feeling supported. Luckily, at least your strands never have to feel that way if you apply Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum Smoothes and Conditions Unruly Hair.

Scorpio: Who’s bringing sexy back this summer? You know it’s you, Scorpio, because baby you’re hot stuff and on fire when it comes to alluring admirers. You’re a fiery force to reckon with, body and soul. You just need strands that stand out too, so get a hold of Sexy Hair Straight Smooth & Seal Aerated Anti-Frizz Spray and that will keep them all in place.

Sagittarius: You’re the total package, Sagittarius, and this summer you’ll find some suitors who appreciate all you have to give. No more relationships where you aren’t worshipped! Speaking of which, your tresses could some affection, and with Matrix's Total Results Curl Super Defrizzer Gel,  you can achieve everything you’ve dreamed of – for your ‘do anyway.

Capricorn: “The X Factor” implies you have something special that makes you unique, but Capricorn, you don’t need judges to deliver that verdict – believing it yourself is you need. When it comes to hair, that’s another story. Sometimes strands could use a little assistance. Here’s where Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer , Defrizer & Tamer lends a helping hand.

Aquarius: Feeling as though you’ve been left high and dry, Aquarius? As a water sign that shouldn’t be accepted, so make sure to surround yourself with positive supporters and drop any downers ASAP. If your hair needs help, check out Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo- Relax for Dry Hair.  It provides softness and detangles even the toughest of tresses.

Pisces: Life can be simple if you let it be, Pisces. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Instead listen to yourself and do what makes you happy. Plain and simple. On that note, your hair can also experience ease no matter how hot it gets this summer because when you have Simply Smooth Xtend Humidity Shield Hair Spray can be silky smooth and stay in place.