Astro Assets: Products that Predict Your Beautiful Future

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 3:19 PM

You’re completely captivating to potential suitors, Aries, so make the most of it! And reinforcing your stunning self is a cinch, especially with the spritz of a seductive scent like
Absolutely Irresistible Givenchy.

Ready to rock and roll, Taurus? We hope so! Because the sweet sound of success is headed your way. You’ll need to be in tip-top shape for this event, from head to toe. So start by putting your best face forward with Roc Skin Toner.

If you want to get noticed Gemini, you need to get in the game. Go out and buy yourself a fab dress, and of course, some makeup that will make you stand out. Our suggestion? Get a gorgeous gaze with Max Factor Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo.

So many people sing about the greatness of California girls, so maybe it’s time you grabbed a bit of the Golden State, Cancer. You can begin by getting the essential strands, when you get a hold of KMS California Hair Play Texture Shampoo.

Your desire is on fire right now, Leo. Not only in love, but in life! You’re making passionate strides in everything you put your mind to, so your most-fitting fragrance?
L'Eau De Kenzo Amour, for sure.

Tired of work, work, working all the time, Virgo? We know you’re the dedicated, industrious type, but we also believe you definitely deserve a break. Not only in mind, but also in body, so let’s keep that goal in sight, beginning with
Freeze Eyecing Fatigue-Fighting Eye Cream.

You’ve nailed it, Libra! All of your hard work is finally paying off. You kept your eyes on the prize, and success is finally within your grasp. To keep your fingertips looking take-charge, grab a hold of OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps.

Time for you to get re-energized, Scorpio. You may have felt a little down before, but we know you are never out for long. And things always get better, especially if you want lavish locks. That’s where Lasio Keratin-infused Hypersilk Revitalizing Masque comes in handy.

You’re the cat’s meow in the eyes of many, Sagittarius, so enjoy this time in the spotlight. An inspirational scent that will help enhance your celebrity status comes from the Teenage Dream herself –
Purr Perfume by Katy Perry.

Clear your schedule for fun, Capricorn, because it’s about time you had some! All work and no play has seen its last day. You can get going by pampering your body the Aussie way with
Jurlique Clarifying Day Care Lotion.
It’s been an enlightening time for you, Aquarius. You’ve been broadening your horizons for a while now, and that’s about to pay off in spades. So why not do the same thing for your face?
Helena Rubenstein Illumination Loose Powder can show you how.

The pleasure principle is what it’s all about for you, Pisces. The good times are just getting underway, so get ready and get psyched! Now it’s time to spread some of the love over to your stressed-out strands with a few scent-sational spritzes of Enjoy Conditioning Spray.